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Related article: years is the limit of a hound's working life, you realise that, so far as time limit goes, it is indeed VOL. Lxxv. — NO. 494. a case of multum in parvo. And the ** galloping snob.** or the giddy and irresponsible damsel, who kicks in the rib, or smashes the limb of its master's frivourite hound, does a great deal worse than kill a dog. Then, when your kennel is full of the right sort, it is no easy seeking to find the right leader. Your perfect huntsman, in sym- pathy with his pack ; bold and patient, cunning and keen, quiet, letting his hounds alone to carry out the guiding of instinct, stronger and surer than any taught wiles — ready to encourage, chary of chid- ing, prompt and resourceful : — res- olute, with the drive and courage of his own pack — what a jewel is he ! Minoxidil Solution 5 The man, also, who can direct his subordinates kindly, if firmly ; not rough of speech, nag- ging or overbearing in manner — no tyrant, but a true leader of men. With his field, pleasant and cheery ; courteous ever, but ready with respectful deprecation for the officious and meddling — punctual, persuasive, and, most important, sober of habit and sound of constitution. Such a man as described does not find it difficult to get good subordinates. I hold, however, that both huntsman and whips should be reared to remember that horses are not bicycles, nor motors, but, like hounds, should be always considerately treated, and remembered as Minoxidil 5 Price living entities, during the best run ever enjoved. Well known among the Minoxidil Women difficul- ties of hound-rearing (and they are many) is the fell disease— dis- temper, which, some seasons, carries off the pick of your puppy- pack, and reduces what promised to be a good entry into something mediocre indeed. 17 254 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April There is little doubt that a kennel can be impregnated with distemper, and 1 have heard an observant M. F. H. say that, for Minoxidil 5 Solution this and another reason, he would seriously consider whether it were wisdom to build a permanent hound-kennel, and not rather make some arrangement whereby the destruction of old buildings might be achieved at small cost, new ones inexpensively erected, and the site from time to time moved elsewhere. Because, too (and herein lies the other reason), it is an undoubted fact that when puppies are bred year by year on the same soil, within compara- tively narrow limits and surround- ings, the ground, as is indeed the case with other animals, becomes stale. With horses this has been much observed, and I know the wild deer, roe and red, suffer at once from contracted habitat — a fact also noticed with hares in a walled park, or rabbits in a warren. So young stock degene- rates, losing both in Minoxidil 10 Mg size Cheap Minoxidil and stamina. The Master of a certain northern pack of fox- hounds felt this very keenly, and, Minoxidil Where To Buy profiting by the excellent sporting spirit and Minoxidil Foam good feeling in his hunting district, in- Cost Of Minoxidil vited individuals to take in Buy Minoxidil Online an old lady-hound in whelp, that her puppies might be born away from home, and spend the early flop- and-roll stage of their lives in •* pastures new." The appeal met with handsome response, and many Where To Buy Minoxidil families were born afield, and, reaching a certain age, were recalled and gathered into the kennel precincts and straw sheds, thence to be ultimately distributed to out-quarters and ** walks." One day, when it Minoxidil Order was time for the ingathering of hound-youth from quarters, the M. F. H. in question went up to his kennels to enquire how they were coming in, and as to their condition gene- rally. Talking Minoxidil Cheap 4:0 Minoxidil In Canada his huntsman outside the buildings, he happened to look down the approach, and saw coming through the gate a company, which on nearing re- solved itself into two riders — and Purchase Minoxidil a small pack of fox-hounds. As these came nigh the M. F. H. recognised a Mr. Grey son, a tenant farmer living at one end of the hunt-country, some twenty miles distant, mounted on a lean, low, old chestnut mare, showing quality and breeding in every line of her shape. Behind him, on a great grey plough - horse, whose long rough - and - tumble coat, matted with damp, showed that he had been " taakin* it *oot iv his sen "in pace on the way, rode a yokel, a jolly, red-phiz'd, yellow- poU'd child o' the wolds, in his ordinary farm Price Of Minoxidil working suit, acting^ evidently as whipper-in to a pack of half-a-dozen fine young ** fox- dogs." The M. F. H. and his huntsman met the party with a welcome^ knowing Mr. Greyson to be so warm a friend to the Hunt that he not only took an old matron hound to whelp on his ** spot," but had insisted on walking the whole litter himself. And right well he had done them, not grudging (from appearances) the •* setting of eggs by-times, or a foot Where Can I Buy Minoxidil or two of butter" that I recollect being named by an enthusiastic walker, in a puppy- feast speech, as the puppy's due and deserts. A right royal time, by the farmer's account, had this ama- teur huntsman and his whipper-in enjoyed from break Order Minoxidil o* day, con- veying the undisciplined young- Minoxidil For Women sters home to kennel. The twenty and more miles to be done ere the young pack reached goal showed, in every one — an experience ; and even now there was no use in the igoi.] A PUPPY HUNTING. 255 real huntsman and his satellites striving to house those wild free lances ; they showed untiring defiance, and only the jovial Jim plough whip, at long last succeeded in enticing and trapping them within walls. Mr. Greyson's ad- venturous ride seemed so well worth chronicling that he was asked to put his experiences on paper ; and more or less in his own words, but with, in no case, true names of place or person, it follows here Minoxidil 5 Mg : — A Day with the Littletown